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Should there be a separate article for sound or audio storage? I mean, aren't CD's and MD's more like storage medias? But then again, if there's no reproduction techinque then there's no use of audio storage. And another question, should we speak about audio or sound reproduction/storage? --User:tbackstr

Yes, I think there is much work to do to bring the whole topic together. See my comments below regarding your valid point that recording and reproduction need to be considered together. Note that I have just created a new Root page, reflected in the new navigational template --Lindosland 14:46, 29 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Comments copied from 'History of sound recording'[edit]

This page seems to me to be an excellent example of the need for better coordinated editing on Wikipedia, something I have been trying to promote at Wikipedia:Root page. Firstly, I suggest one might expect the title 'Sound recording' to be accessed by people expecting to find out primarily about the modern technology, not work their way through the history of the phonograph (important though this is). Secondly, there is not even a link on the page to Sound reproduction which would seem to be an intimate part of the whole idea! And until I put one there there was no link to this page from Sound reproduction. Then the opening sentence is a little odd, using bold in two places.

I've been attempting to pull together the whole subject, using Root page principles, and have put templates on many pages to promote easy navigation and awareness by editors of how the whole subject is being covered. So far this uses Sound reproduction as the Root page with Hubs for various aspects. But Sound reproduction had nothing on it but some links (until I added a paragraph).

I suggest that a new page Sound recording and reproduction would be better as a starting point or Root page, with a Hub page called Sound recording that leads to studio technology etc. This page is an excellent History of sound recording and should be renamed as such, with perhaps some parts copied over to the new Root page. Redirects would bring various things like Sound recording to the Root page. Any objections? I may start the process by creating the new root page (since this does not currently exist), with template, to show how it will work. I feel that with the templates in place many more people will find the pages that they want, and it will be easy for editors to see how the land lies so far. --Lindosland 14:19, 29 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I'm now changing this page to function as a redirect, in line with the new template and Wikipedia:Root page. The content (mostly intro created by me) has been copied across.